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5 Critical Must-Follow Tips To Ace Your Skype Interview

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Office dynamics are fast-changing. Thanks to the internet the size of virtual offices loom as large as the planet, and right alongside it are the Skype interviews that accompany them. The Skype interview, while less traditional than the traditional face-to-face, is no less important. Follow these 5 critical tips to ace your next Skype interview, and put your most professional foot forward.

Dress for the Interview
Your interviewer may only see you from the waist up, but don’t be tempted to sit down to your interview half-dressed. Make a point to dress from head to toe. Looking the part helps establish a professional mindset for you to look and act your best. Should you need to stand up for some reason, you won’t undo what may have been a great interview with your suit jacket, tie, and bermuda shorts.

Make Eye Contact
Be aware that when you’re interviewing on Skype, looking at the webcam how you make eye contact. For the most natural-feeling interview, always aim to focus on your computer’s camera during your interview, avoiding the temptation to stare at your screen.

Put Yourself in the Best Light
Before your interview, adjust the lighting and position. Create seating so you’re level with the computer’s camera to place you in the most professional, head-on angle. Adjust your lighting higher or lower to create a flattering tone. Lighting that is too dark conveys more intimacy than you want for an interview, and lighting that is too bright will make you look pasty.

Do Some Test Runs
Before the interview, do a Skype sound test, run a mock interviews with a friend, and record your sessions. Pay attention to sound quality, your voice, background noise, your body language, posture, and attire appearance. Do as many tests as you need to feel fully confident with Skype and your performance before your interview day.

Create the Right Environment
Although you’re having an interview in your home, you still want to appear professional. Avoid bedroom and more intimate settings of the home. If you have an office or common area, use that. Aim for uncluttered, clean backgrounds. Also be aware that children and pets can interfere. Have them distant from the interview area during the call.

With some forethought, preparation, and attention to detail, Skype interviewing can be a positive experience. Following these 5 critical tips ahead of time will give you with the confidence you need to fully focus on your skills and the job at hand, and ultimately ace your Skype interview.

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