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'May we know them, may we be them, may we raise them.'

Tuesday, 08 March 2016

After spending last Sunday celebrating the victory of our Mothers’ achievements, today on International Women’s Day we are given the opportunity to celebrate the victory of women worldwide – for those who deserve the international recognition that they’ve earned on behalf of all womankind. With each decade seeing a change in parity for women across the world, women are pledging themselves to make social, economic, cultural and political changes to bring uniformity and equality for men and women alike. Although these achievements have made phenomenal changes across all of these platforms internationally, there are still places across the globe that these changes haven’t yet reached. Today marks a big moment for us all to think about how we can assist in bringing these societal shifts to those cultures and locations, and encouraging a sense of existing parity and acceptance in all societies, including our own, to promote equality.

Within our industry, it’s important to be entirely impartial to gender in employment – something that we, at Biscuit, feel is often neglected when recruiting for often what are perceived as gender-specific positions. We feel a large responsibility to support this fight for parity, and have made a donation from the team at Here, you can pledge your donation to: helping women and girls achieve their ambitions; Challenging conscious and unconscious bias; calling for gender-balanced leadership; valuing women and men’s contributions equally; and creating inclusive, flexible cultures. 

We hope you’ll be joining us.



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