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Job vs. Culture

Monday, 21 December 2015

When looking for our next big career move, we tend to think about what our day will look like in terms of responsibility and duties, the physical things we’ll be doing, what we’ll be looking at on our computer screens, what the outcome of our responsibilities will be, what impact we will have on the business, profits, revenue, KPIs and so on…  These are all different methods of measuring our own personal levels and goals for success. But what if finding the perfect job isn’t that complicated? What if actually… it’s far more simple?

All of those things above are of course important. Without those things, it’s inevitable that your drive and motivation will slump pretty quickly. But one thing that we, down at Biscuit, have realized during our many collective years in recruitment is that our happiest, most satisfied and long-standing candidates that we’ve placed are those who have found an environment that makes them happy, that makes them smile on a daily basis, and offers them the comforting, supportive and integrated environment that makes them excited to get into work in the morning. These tend to be the places that tailor roles to you personally – that support your growth and development. Those companies that ensure your best interests are considered, consequently without intention enforce that productivity levels are at their best because you’re happy – not under any obligation necessarily to the company, but because you’re just that darn happy doing your job and being good at it. It’s called pride.

So when you’re looking for that ideal role, don’t necessarily focus all your energy on going through the job spec with a fine toothcomb. Interviewing is where you get the real nitty gritty about what your days will look like – who you’ll be working with, what the after-work social culture is like, sense of humour, environment, office banter and so on. Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions about how the office gels because this might just be something really integral that brings joy to your life. Remember – this is something you’ll be doing 5 days a week; if it doesn’t put a smile on your face then it’s not the job for you. 

The New York Times have written an article about just this, and how to evaluate company culture when preparing for an interview. We definitely recommend giving it a gander, it might even inspire you when it comes to bringing up something unique on interview. Have a read here.


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