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Recruitment Scams On The Rise

Friday, 12 May 2023

Hello all,

We thought it may be a good idea to provide some insight into recruitment scams due to the rise we are witnessing today. There are a number of red signals and warning signs to look out for such as initial contact via text/WhatsApp from someone claiming to be a recruitment consultant from an agency, hiring for a company/role that does not actually exist.

Unfortunately, Biscuit too has been affected by said scams and our identity is being used under false pretences by scammers to contact potential candidates, in particular through WhatsApp. We would like to stress that we would never initiate first contact through this platform (nor would any other reputable agency) thus we are urging you all not to give out any personal details. We cannot stress how important it is to be wary of any suspicious messages, if in doubt do not hesitate to contact us in order to verify the authenticity of any communication received.

Due to the rise in these scams we’d like to point you towards a few articles that can give you further information:

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