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Consider your team's personal goals

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Since I set up Biscuit Recruitment, I have been working with my team individually to implement useful tools to motivate and inspire, such as setting achievable and exciting goals both personally and professionally.  Your career should compliment your wider life – as a leader of a team, I feel it’s important not to lose sight of the bigger picture; the job shouldn’t necessarily define you more than other factors in your life like family, friends, talents, hobbies and interests. Success at work can of course compliment your wider life hugely, whether that’s financially, or through pride and motivation. I like to work together with my team to establish what motivation they need, so what goals to realistically implement for them to achieve what they want to achieve in and out of work. During my career, I’ve worked with Sales Managers and MDs who push and push for productivity without an understanding of what is needed to motivate me. Getting to know your staff individually could be a real key to build a happy and productive team.

Whether an employee wants to save up for a big investment, start spending more time with their family and less time in the office, or kick-start a fit and healthy lifestyle, I have been keen to explore how they can achieve that with the help of their working lifestyle and choices. How can I help them to help themselves earn more money this year for that holiday? How can we utilise their working hours better so they don’t need to overcompensate in the evening? How can we schedule their gym classes around their working life without it affecting their performance? I really have noticed that a happy team achieving what they want to achieve outside of the office makes them more inspired and eager to thrive in the workplace. Personal and professional lives cannot be kept entirely separately – they must compliment each other positively. The proof is in the pudding that a happy workforce makes a productive workforce. Vis a vis, a happy workforce makes a happy Biscuit MD.

The team are aware of my personal and professional goals too; where I want the business to be, new projects I’d like to assign and what I might like to achieve in my personal life. From maintaining a great relationship with our clients to developing our office and workspace, we can all together see the results and reap the rewards. With mutual respect, I hope that we can all work together to help and push each other to meet these achievements.


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