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Party at The Palomar - a great eatery

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

What a lucky bunch we are over here at Biscuit! Our Christmas do topped all Christmas dos this year, as our MD Frances (who is a practiced aficionada of eateries in London) treated us to supper at The Palomar on Rupert Street, W1 – traditional food of Jerusalem with a modern, creative touch. Now, if you haven’t been, we recommend you read our review and take note. Whether it’s for next year’s Christmas party, dinner with your chums, a light lunch or an entirely safe bet for client treats, we cannot recommend anywhere more fondly!

We were lucky enough to be seated at the  bar – which, by the way, is the best way to do it if dining with The Palomar. Seasoned diners, if interested (although hard not to be), can watch the delectable menu being created from scratch by upbeat, fun and quick humoured chefs. With a complimentary amuse-bouche of grains with something similar to guacamole (but something so divine it easily puts guac well into the darkest of shadows), we started our evening with beautiful, soft plump bread, fizz and oysters. Followed by scallops in the smoothest burnt butter with swiss chard, beef tartar (Jeruselem style with crushed almonds, burnt aubergine sauce, spring onions and chili), cauliflower that was so stunningly ‘josperized’ that it isn’t worthy of my words (a Josper grill being part grill, part oven, part barbecue, part genius), and pork belly with bulgar and apricot. Each dish was multifaceted to taste, but with simplicity and a home-touch. We drank middle-eastern inspired cocktails, were served by a fantastic, knowledgeable team and enjoyed watching our intricate yet comfortingly made food in The Palomar kitchen.

We can’t recommend The Palomar highly enough - a restaurant not lacking the great tastes that Israeli food celebrates in middle-eastern cuisine. The place has a sense of casual elegance – fun, buzzy, upbeat and chaotic, but reserved in it’s own right, in good stead knowing the art and love that’s been put into the brilliant set-up.

We were also lucky enough to enjoy cocktails at The Ham Yard Hotel after our party – another brilliant haunt for socialising or meetings alike. 

There are no other words to compliment The Palomar unless I delve deep into a thesaurus – so, in a word, go!

We highly recommend. And thank you Frances!


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