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To Temp or Not to Temp?

Wednesday, 19 June 2019

London is the city of opportunity and promise but finding a perm role can be hard. Variety is the spice of life but having so many options and so much competition can make job searching an absolute nightmare…

There are multiple reasons why being a temp can be a great career move, here are a few:

1.     Flexibility

One amazing perk of being a temp is that you have the flexibility to work for different companies and you can accept as much or as little work as you’d like.  

Long term temp assignments are more favorable, but short stints can be great if you have a lifestyle that you want to be able to work around.

You’re an actress but you haven’t quite made it to the red carpet just yet? Temping could help you on the way! Or maybe you have just started your own business but need a little more cash flow on the side? 

Being a temp leaves you free enough to focus on your main hustle, but also brings in some money right now until the big bucks come flowing in later.

2.     CV Improvements

The most frustrating thing about finding a new role can be that you have to have the experience before you start.

“How can I have experience if no one hires me?!”temp!

There are plenty of temporary opportunities out there in the industry you want to be in. This is a great way of getting experience and making yourself more employable. 

Plus, a lot of the time it’s about who you know not what you know, so whether or not you’re in the exact role you’re looking for – it may be worth it for the connections you make!

3.     Career Change

It’s so easy to get pigeon holed into an industry you’re not mad keen on, which can be so disheartening.

Companies are more likely to take a risk on a temp who doesn’t have the exact experience they are looking for rather than a permanent employee.

These opportunities could set you in great stead to gain full time employment in the industry you want! 

It’s also a fantastic way to find out if you actually like that industry. There’s nothing worse than jumping into something with two feet and then realising you hate it.

4.     Building a Network

With every temp assignment you take on, your network becomes a little larger.

You never know who you might end up working with and who they might now! This is especially relevant for people who are trying to gain employment in a particular industry.

Being recommended to a potential employer goes a long way, especially if you’re perhaps lacking in specific experience that would usually result in your CV being placed in the ‘no’ pile.

 Never underestimate the power of a great network.

 5.     Covering CV Gaps

Having a big gap in your CV can (unfortunately) place you in a bad light when applying for roles, but it’s so important not to jump into the first thing that comes along.

Rather than accepting a job you know you’re going to hate just because it’s the only option right now, consider temping whilst continuing your perm search.

 This way, you can find a role that you love and that offers longevity rather than something that is good for now but not forever.

If temping sounds perfect for you right now – we’d love to hear from you! 

Send over your CV to [email protected] with the subject “I Want to Temp!” and one of our consultants will be in touch.

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