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Relax and Revitalise

Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Everything we want can become a reality, the biggest obstacle in the journey to fulfilling dreams is the ability to find patience to make things happen.

When most people think of working in a start-up environment, they think of long hours and consistent work for years until that ‘break-through’ moment. Hard work and dedication are fundamental to success, but success can be achieved in a shorter timeframe if breaks are taken to re-centre and re-focus. Although nothing can be achieved without hard work, the work must be thought out and strategic.

Vision without action is a daydream, but action without vision is a nightmare.

The brain is a muscle, and like any muscle — it needs to recover. Although it may seem counter-productive, productivity levels are significantly increased amongst those who take time out. This does not necessarily mean taking a week-long holiday once a month, it could be 15 minutes after every hour of hard work.

By taking a break, we give our brain the time it needs to recover and operate at maximum efficiency. Doing the easy tasks you have been putting off or checking your Instagram feed is not a break, it’s vital to step away from your desk. This could be as simple as going for a walk, eating a snack or re-hydrating; but these small changes will have a massive impact on the quality and efficiency of your work.

We can’t increase the hours in a day, but we can increase the amount of energy we have!

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